Monday, February 18, 2013

Thomas Hine

Thomas Hine
The Rise And Fall of the American Teen 

Thomas Hine writes about how teens  are viewed in society. Society looks down on teens. They view teens as a bad thing/ or stage. From my understanding its a stage in life that these young people go through and after they are past it, they don't tend to look back at the stage as their teenage years. Adults remember it as their "not so smart days".   Hine states "...we remember ourselves as ourselves. Being a teenager isn't an identity but a predicament most people live through. I remember myself then no different then I am now. Teenagers are seen in society as outsiders. Hine states "... while this is largely a history of roles and expectations, the teenagers I'm discussing aren't some exotic species-they're real people." They are what society deem as teens why expect less from them? They are treated as if they aren't capable of doing many things.  They are seen as irresponsible, rebellious, troubled and difficult to handle. Another great point Hine brings up  is how media and society has a role in how teenagers grow up in terms of what they should look like, and how to act. media and society has a large impact on how teenagers are potrayed 

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  1. your first picture made me laugh! i believe it's so true, the stereotypes of teenagers have become soo far fetched now a days, and EVERYONE believes them. yes, as the world goes on, teens are becoming worse, but why does this have to effect every single teen.. why do we all have to be put into one category? society and the media puts a lot of pressure onto teens, especially women, which is definitely demonstrated in your last two pictures you posted here.

    the last picture you have posted really brings out something in me i cannot explain. this image of the perfect girl is being shown everywhere.. this makes me angry. why cant people be accepted for who they are and how they look.