Monday, April 8, 2013

Hip Hop

Tricia Rose made a comment about what Nas and him saying that hip hop is dead. heres an interview on  Nas she said " hip hop is not dead, but its gravely ill." I agree with Tricia because over the years hip hop has changed. it has changed in terms of its meaning. Not to long ago hip hop use to come from the heart, it spoke of the struggles of being a black man better yet a minority. the perfect example of this is tupac and the song i thought of is  changes by tupac his song had meaning.
Today hip hop is about making money. Its based on what sales and today what sales is sex, woman and almost any material thing you can make a song about it sells. perfect example for this is Tyga the songs I have heard from him are about hoe's in one of his songs he says " its one eight seven how im killing these hoes" in another song called by him and travis porter Ayy ladies which i actually enjoyed before i payed attention to the lyrics he says " if you a top notch bitch let me hear you holler bend it over (yeah) touch your toes whip it out (yeah) show them hoes ya bank roll slang it out hit a broke hoe with it poke it out damn shawty you can get it... and it goes on. Hip hop is is ill because its no longer about politics or the struggle of minorities. Its no longer from the heart its more about making money and being on top. 


  1. I completely agree with your analysis! and I think this materialism has become the topic in most popular music. I also like the music you chose to highlight your analysis, Great Post!

  2. Should we perhaps be careful when we make declarations about hip-hop? It seems like you are primarily talking about commercial hip-hop. Perhaps hip-hop is gravely ill, but as Tricia Rose said commercial hip-hop is dead. Tyga produces commercial music. As do some other artists mentioned on several people's blogs. The reasons why this music is so popular and makes so much money is because it is devoid of real substance, there not much content to the music beyond "hoes, money, molly, cars". However,it's inaccurate to say that hip-hop is no longer political, there's still a lot of political hip hop being produced nowadays, it's just not hitting the airwaves in a big way.

    Glad to read your post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I think this type of music that you are talking about is what is mainly out there being played on the radio stations and such.
    But I do agree that the more conscious music is not played or given as much importance, this is why is called underground, but hip hop is very much alive, just not the type of hip hop people are used to.