Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog 3

    Positive Youth Development by Jutta Dotterweich was a very informative presentation. One thing thay stuck to me is that youth are truly making a difference in todays society. The presentation is mainly about support. Which is what these youth need to become who they are and find their voice. going through the power point made me think of myself growing up.
Growing up in New York as a youth, we didn't have supportive youth programs like w have now. I honestly didn't know youth programs existed until I completely moved to Rhode Island. The program we did have growing up were for children who were in Pre-K up to about the sixth grade.
Public Schools in the inner city schools lack these supportive programs. I must say I enjoyed the power point.  I loved that youth are finding their voices and that programs are coming along for youth to find their self.

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  1. It is sad to hear that you didn't experience good youth programming in NY. So interesting the shift you found when you moved to RI!

    I love the Eleanor R. quote!