Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blog 8

Growing up I never thought about the he struggle teachers go through when it comes to boundaries. Dr. Mc. Kamey told a story of a student she helped and had to advocate for. She stated "I could feel my face flush. Was I overstepping my boundary here?...
On the other hand, I wondered how many days Nam would have spent in the auditorium before someone had the time to figure out ‘what to do with him." When you are passionate about what you do it gets done.  It made me think about my future and working with youth. Youth do better when they feel included, for example YIA the youth there show that being involved has made a difference. I feel all youth need a relationship with a teacher one way or another. I felt Dr. Mc Kamey paper was informative and it was good to see both points of view.

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  1. I really like the quote you selected about boundaries. When I was helping Nam, I was slipping out of a researcher's role and moved into a youth advocate/teacher role. As a youth worker, you may also find yourself in multiple roles (front line worker/colleague and evaluator). Having multiple roles can be confusing: which role to choose and when/why?