Thursday, December 5, 2013

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In Lareau, Class and Childrearing has to do with Kohn’s findings on class and childrearing. Kohn studied the psychological consequences of social class especially as it impacts family life. The results of the study show that  was focused on certain families during the case study. I could relate to the reading. I grew up in a upper lower class family. Both my parents didn’t have the chance to go further in their education.
My parents pushed my siblings and I about school and how important it is to go to school. My parents always thought me that education comes first. Kohn’s study states “Directives were frequent. Unlike their middle-class counterparts, the working- class and poor children in our study rarely argued or attempted to negotiate with adults; instead, they typically complied silently. Some, though not all, working-class and poor parents also relied on threats of physical discipline to back up their directives.” I can relate to part of this quote. Growing up when my parents asked us to do something you did it.
There wasn’t any kind of negotiation. i went to school in a upper class area where it was mostly white and all my friends there did do a lot of negotiation as well as bribs and getting what you want. My partents did not however never relied on threats. This reading showed me a lot you cant not judge people based on class every family values different things.

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  1. Like you, I grew up in a family where as a child I did as I was told and did so very quickly. The logic made sense in the context where my parents sometimes directed me away from rattlesnakes, backing up tractors, fast moving belt machinery and other hazards. I agree that it is important to recognize the diversity of child-adult relationships in the world.